Welcome to Help for Online Bill Payment (OLBP) Version 3

The new OLBP has been completely rewritten and provides many new features to assist customers to pay their utility and other bills online.

The New features include:

Customer Enhancements

Invoice payments
The new online bill pay allows for payments against invoices that have been generated.
Miscellaneous payments
This could include payments on items such as permits, parking tickets, dog tags, rentals, and any other item that the customer would like to process through online payments.
Service Applications
The customer can pay their service application online.
Schedule Payments
The customer is now able to schedule a payment for a future date. The administrator can set how far in the future payments may be scheduled.
Shopping Cart Concept
The new online bill pay utilizes a shopping cart concept which allows customers to pay for multiple items in one transaction. The end user can modify their cart by adding or deleting items as necessary.

Client Administrator Enhancements

There are many enhancements to the administrative interface making it easier for the client to manage their site and to assist their customers.

Activity Calendar
Allows the administrator to see the number of:
Information update control
A list of information updates made by customers will be shown under this tab. The administrator can then approve or deny these changes. The administrator can choose to send an email to the customer upon approval.
Block payments
The administrator can now block payments made to a specific account. The administrator can block payments made through the online bill pay account as well as through the quick pay feature.
Create account
The administrator can now create an online bill pay customer account directly in the application.
Access to individual customer accounts
By clicking on the email address in the user list, the administrator can ‘log in’ to the customer’s online bill pay account. This helps to understand what the customer is seeing when trying to assist them with an issue.
Reconnect Calendar
Provides a configurable calendar with a monthly view that can be updated.
Site Messages
The administrator can now set and schedule messages that will appear on the customer log in screen. The admin can choose to disable customers from logging in during a specified timeframe as well.
Advanced Search and Reporting
Administrators can now search for historical emails and payments as well as get statistics on the different types of tenders their customers are utilizing.
Unposted Receipts
This tab shows a list of payments that were processed in the merchant account but that did not write to collections. This occurs during a lost connection between the middleware and the application server.
Multiple administrators
Clients can now designate multiple system administrators.
Scheduled Tasks
The administrator can schedule the time of day and frequency with which to run their scheduled tasks.